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Your Bite

Clenching and grinding your teeth can cause all sorts of problems. It can
lead to damage to your teeth, such as breakage of teeth and fillings lost
fillings crowns coming off, loss of teeth, worn down teeth, sensitivity
loosening or movement. It can manifest as headaches neck aches or jaw
ache, a clicky jaw, or commonly you could have toothache which seems to
have no cause.

Tooth clenching and grinding, often leave patients struggling with dentistry,
as it causes muscle tension, meaning that it is difficult to keep your mouth
open, you may reach badly, or you know that injections (particularly lower
injections) do not work for you. Understandably this can make the prospect
of any dentistry quite daunting.

Why do we clench or grind our teeth, particularly at night? In our
experience, this is often due to your teeth not fitting comfortably together
when you close your mouth. This is very common and can occur for
many reasons.

What can we do about it?

At The Willows, a comfortable and protective bite is central to all that we
do, and we use a combination of bite appliances and minor tooth surface
adjustment (a very gentle appointment), to achieve this for you.
If, at your initial consultation you give a history of any of the above issues,
we can provide a full discussion and examination of your bite, with the aim
of addressing these for you. Many of our patients have benefitted from this
treatment, reporting that they feel more comfortable, and their various
symptoms have reduced or gone away.

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