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Patient Safety Charter 

At the Willows Dental Practice, patient safety is a core aspect of our operational ethos. It guides our practices in healthcare delivery, objective setting, and the selection of equipment and products. Our team is encouraged to engage in open discussions about workplace challenges to enhance patient care.

Our adherence to patient safety is reflected in our compliance with the latest infection prevention guidelines. We ensure the use of dental instruments that are either single-use or properly sterilized post-use. Additionally, thorough decontamination of work areas, including dental chairs and hand-held equipment, is conducted between patient appointments.

We maintain strict standards for personal hygiene and clinical cleanliness. This includes monitoring the quality of water in the practice and ensuring the disinfection of dental unit waterlines. Our waste management processes comply with current regulations, emphasizing environmental safety.

Training in the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is a critical part of our team's development, with regular updates to our safeguarding procedures.

The practice incorporates a clinical governance system that focuses on risk management, aiming to continually enhance our care and service.

The Practice Manager, Nia, oversees these practices, supporting the team through regular meetings, training, and personal development. Feedback from our patients is always appreciated, as it contributes to our practice's improvement.

For any inquiries or specific concerns Nia is available to assist.

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