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Root Canal Treatment

When the nerve in a tooth dies, you can develop toothache or an abscess.  The tooth at this point needs more than a filling.  One option (and most dentists would opt for this rather than extraction as a first choice) is root canal or Endodontic treatment. 

Root canal is an intricate and delicate procedure, very gentle, and aims to remove the dead nerve from the small canals inside the root or roots of the tooth, clean any infection from inside the canals, and then to seal these canals using a dental sealant.  Following this we would recommend placing a crown or cap on the tooth if it has a large filling so that the whole tooth is protected from further damage. 

At The Willows we are lucky to have Emily, who has a great aptitude and enthusiasm for this particularly intricate work and is currently studying for a postgraduate qualification in endodontics. 

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