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Do you have missing teeth?

At The Willows we have been placing implants for over 30 years. Our implantologist Dr Jeffery has an advanced diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons. She carries out all aspects of implants: bone grafting, sinus lifting, placement and restoration from one implant to full mouth restoration including Same Day Teeth (All-On-4™).

About Implants

Implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth. An implant is a small cylinder of pure titanium that is placed into the bone of the jaw where a tooth has been lost. They are independent and require no drilling of adjacent teeth for bridgework and eliminate the need for removable dentures.

This means they can be a permanent solution to tooth loss. Many patients tell us that once they have had the treatment they feel like they have their own teeth back. Implant treatment can give you back that natural smile that you've lost. The treatment can give you back confidence often making you look 10 years younger with natural-looking teeth.

Usual Treatment Sequence

Initial consultation - At this appointment, you will meet Dr Jeffrey and we will take an initial scan X-ray. We allocate a full hour as we feel it is important that you have enough time to fully discuss your wishes with us, whilst also allowing Dr Jeffrey to carry out a preliminary examination and assessment. You will leave with an outline of the options that may be available to you.

Investigations - Planning is crucial to success and during this appointment, we will carry out full examination to ensure that we achieve the best result we can for you. This will include 3D scanning, gum examination, cbct scanning, clinical photographs, and a full assessment of your bite.

Treatment planning - Once we have all the information you will have the opportunity to sit down with Dr Jeffrey and discuss the options available to you and finalise treatment planning.

Treatment - Once a treatment plan has been finalised, you have had a consent letter with costings and are happy to proceed, the next stage will be your placement appointment. Often this is a long appointment and is usually done using sedation to make it more comfortable.

Restoration - Same day teeth are restored on the day of placement. Individual implants need three months to integrate (knit with the bone), following which, scans will be taken. Approximately three weeks after that, your final crowns, and bridges are fitted.

Same Day Teeth Using Dental Implants 

This is a fantastic solution if you have serious problems with your teeth, and after discussion, you feel that the best option is to have them all removed. With same day teeth bridges, you will never see yourself with no teeth.  Using this technique, we can prefabricate your bridges from scans or moulds, and on a single day, Dr Jeffrey, and her team, will remove your remaining teeth, and place four implants in either upper or lower jaws or both in some cases.  Jonathon our highly qualified clinical technician, then adapts the prefabricated bridge, so that Dr Jeffrey can fit it to the implants.  You leave with a beautiful smile!  Please be reassured that we have carried out hundreds of same day teeth procedures, with great success, over around thirteen years.

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