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Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients (Intravenous sedation, ‘Happy Air’ hypnotherapy): If you have been too frightened to visit to a dentist, we understand.  Dental phobia is very common, and can make even the simplest visit traumatic.  You are not alone, we know that people worry for days sometimes before even a routine examination.  We can help! At The Willows, we have offered intravenous sedation for 35 years, and have added the options of phobia treatment with Louise, and nitrous oxide “happy air” too for nervous rather than phobic patients, and also for children. If you are very nervous, just let us know, we do have a lovely conservatory (non clinical) where we can provide a more comfortable new patient consultation too.  Oh and four of our five surgeries have a view of the garden, which we always feel helps. 

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