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Dental Implants and Same Day Teeth

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are small titanium cylinders which are placed in the bone of your jaw and are used to replace one or more missing teeth.   

Once placed during a small surgical procedure, (we offer sedation to make this more comfortable for you), your bone will knit with the implant over a period of three months.  At this point, we attach a small part to the top of the implant, while we carry out a simple scanning procedure or take moulds. This allows our dental laboratory to make your crown or bridge.   

This must look as good as possible,  so if you would like to whiten your natural teeth, we would recommend that you complete this before the scan is taken.  If you are considering crowns or veneers for your natural teeth, then ideally these are included in the same scanning procedure. 

Around three weeks later, your crown or bridge will be ready to be fitted. 

Please note that if an implant is in a visible part of your mouth, we will always provide you with a temporary replacement whilst implant treatment is progressing. 


Immediate Implants 

If you need an extraction and are considering implant replacement it is definitely worth enquiring before having the tooth removed.  It is often possible to place an implant at the same time as the tooth is removed, and as well as reducing the number of appointments that you need, this has the advantage that the implant has a more natural appearance.  This is particularly important for front teeth 


Bone Grafting and Sinus lifting 

If you have been told that do do not have enough bone to place implants, Dr Jeffery is experienced in all areas of bone grafting.  These procedures are carried out prior to implant placement and add around three months to your treatment. 


Same Day Teeth Using Dental Implants 

This is a fantastic solution if you have serious problems with your teeth, and after discussion, you feel that the best option is to have them all removed. With same day teeth bridges, you will never see yourself with no teeth.  Using this technique, we can prefabricate your bridges from scans or moulds, and on a single day, Dr Jeffrey, and her team, will remove your remaining teeth, and place four implants in either upper or lower jaws or both in some cases.  Jonathon our highly qualified clinical technician, then adapts the prefabricated bridge, so that Dr Jeffrey can fit it to the implants.  You leave with a beautiful smile!  Please be reassured that we have carried out hundreds of same day teeth procedures, with great success, over around thirteen years. 

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