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Dental Care Price Guide 

The Willows Dental and Implant Practice offers comprehensive dental care utilising only the finest materials and the most modern techniques and equipment. The surroundings have been meticulously designed to create a relaxing atmosphere to make your visit as pleasurable as possible.

It is very difficult to give a precise cost of dental treatment because everybody's mouth is different. There may be treatment options that are not standard, but may be applicable to your situation. The information below is a guide for you, but please be reassured that you will receive an individual quotation before we commence treatment.

Treatment Name
Routine Exam regular Adult patient
Routine Exam regular Child patient
Further investigations and detailed treatment planning
Emergency treatment for regular patient
Emergency treatment new patient
CBCT 3D scan full upper and lower including digital imaging and report
CBCT 3D Scan small area including digital imaging and report
OPT 2D scan x ray
Small routine x rays
Detailed gum examination with florida probe
30 Minute Hygiene Appointment
Composite medium filling
Composite large filling
Composite bonding multiple teeth from
Fissure sealants per tooth
Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment Molar
Emax/bonded crown
Emax veneer
Emax inlay
Composite lab inlay
Gold crown quoted individually
Bridge (per tooth)
Acrylic partial denture dependent on number of teeth being replaced from
Flexi partial denture
Chrome cobalt metal based denture
Full denture one jaw
Full dentures both jaws
Surgical extraction From
Lower wisdom teeth Coronectomy
Gum reshaping individual quotation
Dental implant including sedation and extraction
Implant retained crown
Implant retained bridge per tooth
Same day teeth inclusive of second definitive bridge after 3 months one jaw
Same day teeth inclusive of second definitive bridge after 3 months both jaws
Definitive same day teeth bridge zirconium From
Same day teeth with Zygomatic implants quoted individually
Sinus lift
Sinus grafting From
Soft Tissue Grafting From
Augmentation with bio materials
Occlusal examination
Sci splint (diagnostic)
Tanner bite splint including review appointments
Bite equilibration
Clear Aligners From
Intravenous sedation
Inhalation sedation
Tooth whitening using enlighten
Tooth Whitening using Boutique
Custom made sports guard
Adult New patient consultation including x ray
Child new patient consultation up to 16 years old
Child new patient consultation up to 5 years old with parent
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