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Dr. Darren Bywater

 I attained further postgraduate training and education in Dental Implantology hosted by The Royal College of Surgeons of England and was successful in attaining this qualification at my first sitting within 18 months. I was also awarded the Advanced Certificate in Dental Implantology from the same college that recognises the candidate’s ability to carry out advanced procedures in Dental Implantology such as bone grafting from the chin or jaw plus sinus grafting. Thus, alongside my Master’s degree in Oral Surgery, I feel confident in not only providing the correct treatment plan but carrying out implant surgery to a high standard of proficiency and success.

In recognition, I was invited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England to tutor and mentor for their Implant Diploma based in Leeds and Germany. As such, I have acted as Tutor and Mentor for three consecutive cohorts of students.  In addition, I have also acted as a Dental Implant Practice Inspector and Examiner for the Implant Diploma based at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

I have also attained the Diploma in Restorative Dentistry from the same college with an emphasis in Aesthetic Dentistry. This has allowed me to combine both disciplines of implantology and restorative dentistry to offer complete treatment to failing dentitions without the need for multiple in or out of house referrals in many cases.

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