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Some of our patients' experiences in their own words.

“To say I had a phobia of the dentist was an understatement; I would call it abject terror stemming back from my experiences with the dentist in childhood. Late one evening, quite a few years ago, I started to feel a sharp pain in one of my upper teeth, I ignored it and it gradually got worse to the point where I wouldn't speak because of the pain. I didn't have a dentist at this time, I couldn't even get through the door of one without suffering from a panic attack but I knew I had to do something.

“I scanned through the yellow pages, a real book at this point, and found The Willows. The advert said it was good for people with phobias, it was only 15 minutes from home and they did sedation of which I didn't have a clue what that meant at that point but frankly I didn't care, my mouth hurt and needed fixing. My mum had to make my initial emergency appointment, yes that's really how bad I was, she also drove me there, more to make sure I went and didn't do a runner.

“So I arrived for my first ever appointment with the Willows and they soon realised I wasn't coping with being there. I didn't actually sit down in the dentist's chair for this appointment; I stood by the open door with my hand on it so they couldn't close it. I explained what was wrong and where the pain was and the dentist asked if they could have a look. I managed to sit on a normal chair and they had a look, very slowly and very carefully and yes there was a problem? I needed a filling redoing.

“Well that was it, I was in total distress, I think at one point they even started looking for a brown paper bag my breathing was so erratic! The staff were so lovely though, they managed to calm me down and explain exactly what needed to be done and what my options were. I obviously refused all treatment, however they explained that they could offer me sedation and that I wouldn't remember anything or feel any pain it would be a needle in the back of my hand and that would be it. Yeah right I thought a cunning ploy to get me into the dentist chair but the pain was so bad I realised I had to be brave and do something.

“I made an appointment for a filling under sedation, the Willows made it early for me so I wouldn't worry all day about it. Mum took me as I needed to be accompanied by a responsible adult and I wasn't allowed to drive. When they finally managed to persuade me into the dentist's chair I was so nervous and het up that my veins had shrunk and they really had to do some work to calm me down enough to put the intravenous sedation in. They managed it and it worked, if patience is a virtue then they have it in abundance.

“That first time I was sedated I remember the dentist telling me not to w… that's as far as I got, I think they must have been telling me not to worry because at that point I went. It's kind of like a being asleep but you don't wake up until you're told to even when they are working on your teeth. When they had finished they told me it was time to go home and sat me up. Yes I was a little disorientated and convinced they hadn't done my tooth, how could they have I didn't feel any pain or hear the drill, but they had and I had no memory of them doing any of the work or hearing anything dreadful.

“Over the years the staff at the Willows have got to know me and I've got to know and actually trust them. Since my first visit I've had three wisdom teeth out, with sedation of course and I still can't have a filling without sedation. I've now gone from hovering by the outside door to actually sitting in the waiting room and although I'm still very nervous and can't relax I can actually go for a check up and to the hygienist on my own now.

“The most important thing for me with the Willows is that the staff took their time with me, they were never impatient or in a hurry to get rid of me for the next appointment. They went as fast as I could cope with. They always told me what they were doing and they still do, each step is explained before they do anything. They tell me what they are looking at and how they are going to do it, quite often they actually ask me is it OK to do something.

“They give you so many options on how they can treat you and there's always something that will work. With me it was mostly the noise of the drill and the smell, I hated it and I still do but I'm getting there and go regularly now for my check ups and to the hygienist. Believe me if I can manage you can too.”

Sheryl Bromley

“Although I was very apprehensive when I first arrived at Willows [Dental] they were able to calm me down instantly with their caring manner, as well as being able to get the needle into my hand quickly with very little problems.

“After the sedation liquid went in I felt completely at ease and don't remember much about the procedure at all, I remember the dentist speaking with me throughout although it all seemed so far away as I was so relaxed.

“Without the sedation and the help from the staff members at Willows [Dental] I couldn't have gone through with this treatment.

“Thank you so much for everything.”

Cayley Roberts

“I was referred to the Willows Dental practice by my current dentist who felt it would be in my best interests to consider implants. I was naturally very nervous about the whole procedure but from the very first consultation was made to feel totally at ease, treated in a professional manner with courtesy and respect. I wanted a replacement that would be fixed permanently so I opted for implants. As for the implants themselves, they have given me a better quality of life and I am delighted with the results.”

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