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Corsodyl Gel (50 g)

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The original Corsodyl Dental Gel.

Corsodyl Dental Gel is an oral gel containing chlorhexidine gluconate, an antibacterial that kills oral the oral bacteria responsible for dental plaque.

Corsodyl Dental Gel helps maintain dental hygiene and treats and prevents gum disease (gingivitis), mouth ulcers and oral thrush, plus the gel's thick formula makes it ideal for tackling denture sores.

At a glance:
- An oromucosal gel containing chlorhexidine gluconate 1% w/w.
Inhibits the formation of dental plaque.
- Helps treat and prevent gingivitis (gum disease) and maintain good dental hygiene.
- Useful in the management of recurrent aphthous ulceration and recurrent candida infections (oral thrush).

- For gum disease - brush teeth thoroughly with 2cm of Corsodyl Dental Gel on a moistened toothbrush, once or twice daily for about 1 minute.
- For mouth ulcers and oral thrush - apply directly to affected areas, once or twice daily with a fingertip or cotton bud.
- For denture sores - lightly smear gel over denture fittings and use as normal. For best results, cleanse and soak dentures in Corsodyl mouthwash for 15 minutes twice daily.


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