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Willow Dental - The North Wales Dental and Implant Practice

Same Day Teeth using Dental Implants

It's life changing...

  • Long-lasting, non-removable teeth in just one day
  • Provides long-term comfort
  • Immediate and fully fuctioning set of beautiful teeth
  • No more denture adhesives
  • Most importantly, confidence in your smile

A New Smile In Just One Day

Same Day Teeth using dental implants is one of the most exciting options available today in implant dentistry. Because we are able to offer our patients the opportunity to feel like they have their own natural teeth back again.

For many patients, due to the cost and many other factors, this was simply not possible with traditional implants. With Same Day Teeth many more patients now have the option to get fixed-in teeth at a considerably lower cost.

Same Day Teeth at Willows Dental uses just four implants to replace all the teeth in one jaw. This means that in just one day we can give you back the confidence to smile and eat. No bone grafting. No temporary dentures. No need for eight implants.

Dr David Lee has been placing implants for over 25 years and successfully providing this life-changing procedure for around three years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Same Day Teeth?
The Same Day Teeth procedure uses just four implants to anchor a full set of fixed teeth and can be used in one or both jaws. These are not removable and once they are placed you will never have to see yourself with missing teeth again.
Who can have Same Day Teeth?
If you have no teeth and are having to struggle with loose dentures, or if your own teeth are failing and this is affecting your confidence and your ability to smile, Same Day Teeth can provide a life-changing solution.
How are Same Day Teeth done?
After a consultation and detailed planning appointments, a whole day is reserved for your appointment. This can seem a little daunting and so we provide sedation which will make the procedure comfortable for you. If you have some teeth remaining, David will gently remove these and place the four implants. Our clinical technician is with us for the day and will then adapt the teeth they made for you. The new teeth can then be attached to the implants. The appointment usually lasts between 9am and 4pm when you leave with your new teeth in place.
Will I need any more appointments?
You do not need any more surgery. After four months some minor gum shrinkage may have taken place, and we provide a second or definitive set of teeth. This requires 3-4 easy appointments and you will not see yourself with no teeth. After this we will simply recommend regular examination and hygiene appointments.

“For an extremely nervous patient, having sedation for the 'same day teeth' prodecure took all the stress and worry away. I feel so much better knowing I can smile openly.”


“My 'Same Day Teeth' have given me an improved quality of life after the discomfort of a traditional partial denture. I found the treatment straight forward and painless and the results are all that I hoped for and more.”


If you feel we can help please contact us or telephone 01745 585000 for more information or to book a consultation.

Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth before and after

“My life has been transformed.”

Same Day Teeth before and after

“What I eat is no longer an issue.”

Same Day Teeth before and after

“My implants feel just like my own teeth.”

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