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Nervous Patients and Sedation

We are pleased to offer two types of sedation for our nervous patients:

Read about our patients' experiences who arrived at the practice nervous and apprehensive yet left with more confidence and an improved smile.

Happy Air (relative analgesia sedation)

  • Do you feel anxious about having dental treatment?
  • Have you ever cancelled an appointment because you were worried about the treatment?


Happy Air (relative analgesia sedation) can help you overcome the fear and receive the treatment you need in comfort. It is now available with all dental treatments including hygiene visits.

If your anxiety is serious enough that it prevents you from attending your appointment, this is for you. Once you've experienced sedation dentistry you'll never be afraid to go to the dentist again.

  • A non-invasive simple technique (no needles)
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Makes dental treatment more comfortable
  • No fasting required
  • No side effects
  • No escort needed, able to return to work afterwards as no down time

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will sedate me?
The dentist or dental hygienist/therapist that carries out your treatment will sedate you, assisted by a trained sedation dental nurse.
Is it safe?
It is very safe. We use it for adults and children so long as they are able to understand how it works and how they will feel. Since you are able to speak to the dentist, if at any time you feel the happy air mixture is a bit too strong, we can quickly turn it down and within a few seconds you will feel very relaxed again.
How is dental sedation done?
For RA sedation, a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen is adjusted to suit you. Different people need a different mix of these gases to achieve a feeling of being warm, cosy and far-away. We use a small soft sterile nosepiece for you to breathe through.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable just take the nosepiece off and breathe through your mouth and the sedation is immediately reversed.
How will I feel?
You will certainly feel very calm. Most people also feel some of the following sensations:

  • Warm and/or heavy arms and legs
  • A mild tingling in the fingers and toes
  • A sense of being far away. Voices and music may seem distant
  • A sense of not caring or minding about being at the dentist
  • A greatly reduced or eliminated gag reflex
  • Reduced awareness of procedures such as dental anaesthetics (injections), especially because we use "The Wand"
Are there any special precautions dental sedation?
There are very few. It is not possible to use RA sedation in these situations...

  • In the first 6 months of pregnancy
  • If you cannot normally breathe through your nose
  • If you have a cold on the day of the appointment

If you are at all concerned about any medical conditions that you may have just ask us.
How quickly will I recover?
Recovery is quick. After treatment you will usually be recovered within 10 minutes and can return to the patient lounge. You will usually be able to leave the practice within 30 minutes and you can return to your usual activities such as home, work or school.

Hypnovel (intravenous sedation)

We provide intravenous sedation using Hypnovel, which is ideal for the nervous patient, the patient who retches or those who tends not to go numb. Treatment then becomes very easy and two hours in the chair can feel like 10 minutes.

“When they had finished they told me it was time to go home and sat me up. Yes I was a little disorientated and convinced they hadn't done my tooth, how could they have I didn't feel any pain or hear the drill, but they had and I had no memory of them doing any of the work or hearing anything dreadful.”

Happy Smiles for Nervous Patients

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